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Portals at Belmond San Michele Palazzo, Florence, Italy

Dream of Flight (2018)

is a site-specific large-format installation that was shown recently in the gardens of the Belmond San Michele Palazzo in Fiesole, Florence, Italy. The works consist of a set of three, tall cylindrical mirror totems contained inside the oxidized patterns of dragonfly or cicada “wings,” cut out such that they reflect not only the intricate natural shape of the perfect geometrical marvel that nature provides us, but also creates a double and triple mirrored scenario, suggesting new spaces of interconnectedness between the human and the natural forces. To Muss these pieces are a “metaphorical representation of our path in the world” through which she is intentionally expressing the way the natural and the human blend in a mirrored experience, a shared, indivisible journey in which we mirror and are mirrored.

The exploration by Muss of the complex ideas of the metaphorical and the metaphysical through immersive, dreamy and strangely beautiful portals mark a conceptual boundary between the real and the unreal, an intimate expression of the connection between the body and the mind. Muss creates these poetic thresholds to experience her path through life and plumb its depths. Then by allowing the spectator to cross these entryways, or walk through her large outdoor sculptures, she fosters meditation about objects that grant access to other realities and dreamlike experiences, thereby granting a life of their own to the sculpture as they become a new part of our physical world. The gesture of “placing them objects” in the outside world triggers in the viewer an opportunity to reflect on the sentient material world that surrounds them and the subjective contemplation of nature in a singular, complex experience

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